"Are we there yet?" We'll help with the "what, where, when, why".
Curious how your vehicle is? Call us, we're as close as a phone call away! At Southwood Automotive we're available by phone during regular business hours or we can be contacted 24/7 through the email form below. Questions or concerns? Let us Help! We keep detailed reports regarding your vehicle repairs, as well as safety issues that may need future considerations. Our experienced and fully certified technicians have the experience to tell you what to expect regarding your repairs and yes, we listen for that funny noise, as well as any mechanical difficulty you may have.

Keeping in touch with our customers helps us both with your automotive repair. Having a complete history helps us:

Overall, we keep you up to date with information which may help you make better decisions, drive safely and be confident that your vehicle is working at its best for you and your family. We always ensure our customers that we will reply as soon as possible and with as much information at that moment in time or any other inquiries regarding your vehicles repair or history.

Dropping your vehicle off for repair or servicing is very easy. If you're running a little late that's OK, we understand that many of our customers work during our hours and trying to pick up your vehicle can be difficult so we'll wait. At the shop we're always open to waiting a few extra minutes for pick up if required. We also have a secured key drop off right in the back entrance door for weekends, late nights, towed in vehicles and for those really early risers.

Location Information:
11029 Elbow Drive SW,
Calgary Alberta T2W 1G7

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed on Weekends & Statutory Holidays
Phone: (587) 352-9990
Fax: (587) 352-9992
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